AR Championship Banner Experience




To celebrate the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Championship win, the organization created an extraordinary bespoke augmented reality experience for fans who watched the NFL season opener game at SoFi Stadium.

The 60-second AR presentation begins with a selection of team highlights from this year’s Super Bowl win, including a larger-than-life Coach Sean McVay directing his team from the middle of the field. Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp then appear and pose, as the video behind them rolls the game-winning touchdown pass. Lastly, Aaron Donald joins, celebrating his game-sealing fourth-down play alongside the others. The images of Coach McVay, the players, and the video screen then give way to the actual crafting of the iconic Super Bowl LVI ring.  As each part of the ring appears, it looks as though it is being formed from actual parts of SoFi Stadium. The result is a massive and glittering  Super Bowl LVI ring that comes to stand at mid-field, covering nearly 30 yards.

The experience was developed in collaboration with The Mill, a global creative production partner and experience studio. The entire production was crafted in CGI using Cinema 4D and Unreal engine, enabling extraordinary levels of detail and resolution.


Coordinate a spectacular banner raising moment that sparks conversation around opening day.

The Idea:

A live augmented and mixed reality moment that celebrates the Super Bowl LVI champions with a larger-than-life “on field” look back at some of the game’s iconic moments.  


— Championship moment is live broadcast in venue and on NBC as recognition of opening the 2022 season as Super Bowl LVI Champions

— Crowd Atmosphere is #1 driver and recognizable metric from the game day experience and fan survey

— Generate FOMO + drive fans to their seats

— Develop an innovative and integrated brand experience that enhances the game / moment but doesn’t take away from it

Primary Responsibilities:

— Creative Direction / Concept Development for Experience

— Banner Design

— Sound Design

— Technical Integration / Execution in Venue