Live Gameday Experience




Conceptualize and create brand content for the thousands of screens within SoFi Stadium to ensure that game attendees were entertained from when they entered the stadium to the final seconds of the game. Our objective was to raise the bar and set a new standard for gameday content while all eyes are on the city of LA.

Following the LA Rams 2021-22 Super Bowl Winning season, the Rams video board experience was rated one of the best in the league by the NFL.

What is SoFi Stadium?

— $5B Multi-purpose Stadium Located in Inglewood, CA

— Crown Jewel: Samsung Infinity Screen (360° Video Board w/ Interior + Exterior Display)

— 5 Levels of Ribbon Boards (4 Levels w/ 360° Viewing with Height Transitions)

— 80M Pixels of Digital Visual Real Estate (Most in the World - 2nd Largest Stadium Display is 23M Pixels)

— Real-time Rendering Technology

— 2,800 TVs

— 300 LED Screens

— 260 Speakers

— 4K HDR End-to-End Live Production

— 80 Broadcast Professionals to Operate on GameDay

— WiFi6 / 5G / Private Wireless

— Media Sales Opportunities

Fan-Focused Game Experience

— Crowd Atmosphere is #1 driver and recognizable metric from the game day experience and fan survey

— Generate FOMO + drive fans to their seats

— Develop an innovative and integrated brand experience that enhances the game / moment but doesn’t take away from it

— All scenarios / story arcs must circle back to cohesive and additive brand narrative

Visual Volume Language

— Broken into three categories with primary objective to increase the tension/intensity of visual language in addition to scale of graphic regions used as game progresses

— Level 01 : Pre-game / Q1 / Post Game

— Level 02 : Q2 / Q3

— Level 02+ : Q4 / OT / Rams Win

Content Creation

 — Information – Track Game Progress

 — Celebration – Amplify Team Success

 — Intimidation : Provide Home Field Advantage

 — Entertainment : Fan Engagement + Interactivity

 — Storytelling : Increase Drama + Develop Fan Knowledge

 — Inspiration : Seed + Implement Fan Rituals


— Rams Brand Identity Development (Digital First Approach with Stadium as Focal Point)

— In-game Display Architecture and Content Workflow

— Content Strategy and Sponsorship Execution Concepts

— Scenario and Experience Builds / Scripts

— Creative Development in Collaboration with Troika Media Group (Wireframes, Looks, Builds, Strategy, Sequencing)